• You have been diagnosed with or suspect you have ADHD

  • You always seem to be late or ‘dropping the ball’

  • You double book or miss appointments

  • You forget things you need to remember

  • You frequently misplace your keys/important items

  • You are a chronic procrastinator

  • You have difficulty managing your time

  • You are often late to pay bills

  • You feel overwhelmed by life

NOWWHAT? offers goal-focused, supportive one-on-one coaching sessions with an Executive Functioning specialist.

NowWhat? is based in Hamilton, Ontario. We provide on-site services in Hamilton, Halton, Brant, Niagara, Haldimand and the GTA.

We are also available for remote consultation and online / phone support across North America.  Specialising in ADHD, ASD, Anxiety, Emotional Regulation.

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