Do you relate to any of these experiences?  


  • You have been diagnosed with or suspect you have ADHD

  • You always seem to be late or ‘dropping the ball’

  • You double book or miss appointments

  • You forget things you need to remember

  • You frequently misplace your keys/important items

  • You are chronic procrastinator

  • You have difficulty managing your time

  • You are often late to pay bills

  • You feel overwhelmed by life

Now What? offers goal-focused, supportive one-on-one coaching sessions with an Executive Functioning specialists who can help you regain control:  

  • Find specialized doctors for diagnosis and treatment 

  • Enhance you working memory (the ability to hold and use information over a short period of time)

  • Develop your cognitive flexibility (the ability to adapt)

  • Strengthen your Inhibitory/self control (the ability to stay focussed and not act impulsively)

In collaboration with our coaches, you will learn to shift your lifelong patterns and develop strategies for optimal function to maximize potential in every area of your life

  • Work

  • Parenting

  • Relationships

  • Paying bills

  • Shopping

  • Housework/paperwork

  • Money management

Financial coaching also available

NowWhat? is based in Hamilton, Ontario. We provide on-site services in Hamilton, Halton, Brant, Niagara, Haldimand and the GTA.

We are also available for remote consultation and online / phone support across North America.  Specialising in ADHD, ASD, Anxiety, Emotional Regulation.

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