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• Being able to type without looking at the keyboard saves time. Touch typists can get twice as much work done as those who ‘hunt and peck.’



• Touch-typing is more accurate. There are fewer errors needing to be corrected, which cuts down on time needed to edit.



• Preventing or correcting bad habits is easier for children. Mastering the art of touch typing depends on the development of motor skills, attention span, and focus.



• Being able to type will save students hours of time in secondary school, university and in the workforce. It’s a skill they’ll use for the rest of their life.



• It improves Manual dexterity and helps to hone writing skills by making editing and revision easier. Those who struggle with dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyspraxia can complete written assignments with greater ease.



• Touch-typing can be mastered quickly. 10-minute practices per day over a few months can lead to mastery.



  • Students can focus on content, drafting, revising, and editing of their work, rather than also having to find letters on the keyboard, so the quality of their work and learning also improves.


  • Learning to touch-type is fun! Our multi-sensory approach appeals to all learners.


  • You are investing in growing your child’s abilities, setting them up for success.



• Schools do not spend time ensuring student mastery of typing skills.